You Will Lose These Things in the Next Great Depression

The audience of my blog are thoughtful, mindful people who have insight in the future.  That future includes the next Great Depression.  It will happen within your lifetime, perhaps within 5 years.  From what I have read and studied, a mere 2% of our society are preppers.  The means 98% of society is unprepared for the future.   The greatest risk to preppers are non-preppers.   In the next Great Depression, when people are hungry, desperate, and therefore have no fear of arrest, the survival prepper is the target.   For these reason, I strongly advise that you keep a low profile, hide in plain sight, and keep OpSec.   Essentially, tell no one that you are a survival prepper.  Your first duty is your family.   You must feed and protect your family.  After your family is provided for, then only can you help your neighbors.

Once the next Great Depression hits North America, everyone will lose things.   Even survival preppers will lose things.  But a well-prepared survival prepper will suffer less.   Non-prepared people will suffer greatly.

The following is a list of things that you will lose in the next Great Depression:

  1. Leisure – In order to survive the next Great Depression, you will work from sun-up to sun-down.   You’ll make much less money for much more work.  Leisure time will be an extreme luxury.  Any leisure time you might have should be devoted to family time, reading, and resting your body.
  2. Vacations – With no money in your pocket, there will be no vacations.  If you work in the vacation/leisure/travel industry, such as hotel management, expect to be added to the ranks of the unemployed.   Any vacations you might have might just be visiting your family, such as your brothers/sisters or grandchildren.
  3. Video Games – You’ll not have the time.  You’ll not be able to afford a gaming devices.   Gaming devices often only have a 2 or 3 year shelf life.  And you’ll be too tired to play.
  4. Weight – You’ll be doing more physical work, such as tending to your garden.  You’ll have less food.  Fast food will be a distant memory.  Snacks and candy will unaffordable.  Expect to lose weight.  If you look at pictures of people living during the first Great Depression, you will not have seen any overweight people.  Today, nearly half of the people in the United States are overweight.  Once the next Great Depression becomes the reality, very few people will be overweight.
  5. Retirement – The next Great Depression will last 10+ years.  If your retirement years overlap with the next Great Depression, you will continue working.   If you are already in retirement, expect to return to work, even if just babysitting for your grandchildren while your children seek work.
  6. The Truth – Governments will minimize the truth.  In order to prevent panic, protects, and widespread anarchy, the government will only be selling good news.   In Argentina, if you tell the truth about the real rate of inflation, you’ll be put in jail.   Criticize the Greek government, you’ll be push out of the government.   Tell the European Commission that they are the source of the problem, rather than the cure, you’ll be branded as an extremist, a populist, or a nut case.  Cyprus made promises to its people, “all was well”, up until the point that they declared a bank holiday and confiscated money from people’s bank accounts.  Governments will withhold all negative announcements up until the very last-minute.   Some Monday morning in the future, you will wake up to the surprise that a bank holiday was declared and your gold is to be surrendered to the government.  This has happened before in the United States.
  7. Money – Banks will collapse in the next Great Depression.  Just as they did in 1929, banks will close and you’ll lose everything.   The FDIC is already running a deficit.  When “too big to fail” start failing, everyone gets a financial haircut.   Unemployment will go past 25%.  Inflation will cause the price of food and energy to exceed the resources of average people.   (Hint: buy gold and silver coins to protect your wealth.)
  8. Safety – During an economic collapse, crime will become rampant.   The looking well feed and prosperous will make you a target.  Every trip away from home will incur risk.  One of the biggest problems in Argentina and Greece, who are have already entered their next Great Depression is crime and corruption.   Once in the next Great Depression, you dare not let your children play out of your sight.
  9. Lifespan – Hospitals will become overwhelmed with charity cases.  Many hospitals will close due to lack of funds.  Access to drugs and doctors will be highly limited.  You’ll need to pay cash ahead of time for medical care.   Expect the average lifespan to drop from 80 years old to 70 years old, since sophisticated advanced medical care and life-extending drugs will be out of reach of most people.
  10. Hope for the Future – When your day is consumed with merely surviving and finding a meal, many people will lose their perspective on the future.  All those people who are paying for anti-depression or anti-anxiety medicines may lose access to those medicine.  Suicide rates will dramatically increase.  See the following stores to demonstrate this:
    1. Greece Suicides: Increasing Suicide Numbers Cause Alarm
    2. Rate suicide increased of 40% in Greece
  11. Cleanliness – Whenever you look at pictures of people living during the first great depression, you notice bad haircuts, frayed clothing, and a general unkept appearance.   Whatever clothing you have now might have to last through the end of the next Great Depression.   During the first Great Depression, you will a lucky little girl if you have more than one dress.  Mothers would cut and sew clothing from the cloth of leftover animal feed bags and from charity food sacks to make clothing for their children.   I wonder how many women these days even have a sewing kit?  If given the choice between buying a meal or buying soap, most people will pick food.  Better to smell bad than be hungry.
  12. Social Security/Pensions – The US Social Security system is already drawing down its reserves and running an annual deficit.  When the economy collapses, so will the Social Security system.  If you rely solely on Social Security for your retirement funds, you will be greatly humbled in the next Great Depression.  When the stock market collapses with the next Great Depression, so goes your pension.
  13. Mobility – Automobiles, auto insurance, fuel, oils and associated maintenance will be proportionally very expensive.  Many people who will be out of work for years will be forced to give up their mobility.  People will walk nearly everywhere.  Or bicycle.   If you don’t already, having a bicycle is a very good tool during a Great Depression.  (stock up on extra tires and inner-tubes while you still have a job)
  14. Date Night – Dinner and a movie with your partner will be an extreme luxury, when you can barely afford to pay for a family meal.
  15. Exotic Food Shipped Around the World – The days when you can get strawberries out of season and sushi will be gone.   Grapes from Argentina, Olives from Greece, Cheese from France, Chocolate from Belgium … impossible.   You’ll be eating locally produced food in its correct season.

During the first Great Depression, a high percent of people were still devoted to food production and the food supply chain.  Today, 2% of the people (farmers, ranchers, growers) produce the food for the other 98%.    The average age of farmers is north of 50.   Our young generation believes hamburger originates from groceries stores.

Even for dedicated, prepared survival preppers, the 10+ years that the next Great Depression will last will deplete your supplies and resources.  To live comfortably in the next Great Depression, you must become a producer.  Produce food, valuable goods, and essential services that people need to survive.

My definition of wealth comes down to one measurement, if you lost your job or source of income tomorrow, how long could you survive solely on your existing physical, tangible, and financial resources.  If you have enough resources saved such that you never need to work another day, and you feed your family from all your accumulated resources, then you are a wealthy person.  Very few, myself included, meet this criteria.

Greece, Spain, Argentina, Cyprus, Ireland, Iceland, and Malta have already entered the period of their next Great Depression.  Italy is near the tipping point.   France is in a recession.  Great Britain is barely keeping its head above water.  And had the US Federal Reserve not continued to flood the world with cheap dollars, the United States would also be in another recession.   We continue to borrow against our grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s future…to pay for our current lifestyle.  Shame on this generation.

There will be one measure of how well you will survive the next Great Depression.  That measure is how hard are you willing to work.   Are you willing to tend to your garden at 5:00 AM, go to your day job for less than minimum wage, and then conduct your at-home business in the evening?  Those that can keep up this work load will survive and thrive.   Given the rate of obesity in the United States, I am expecting a lot of misery, protests, riots, homelessness, looting, and general civil disorder at the start of the next Great Depression.

This is a less than cheery posting, I know.   Dealing with reality is hard.   Put yourself back in time to 1927.   You have the fore-knowledge that the Great Depression is coming in 1929, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.   What would you do?   Your situation, your skills, your family circumstances, your neighborhood, your planting climate, and your financial situation are all unique to you.  Only you can create a plan to survive the next Great Depression.   The people in Cyprus today feel this reality.   For the people in Cyprus it is 1929.   For the United States, it is 1927.    Hopefully you have two or more years to get ready.

And oh, by the way State of California, when you go completely bankrupt due to your utterly stupid politics, poor financial management, and unrealistic progressive idealism, it would be hugely unfair to seek a bailout from the other states who have managed their finances properly.  You shit in your own bed, and you should sleep in it.

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5 Responses to You Will Lose These Things in the Next Great Depression

  1. Ben Dover says:

    I belive there were many if not most of the states that gladly accepted those Federal bailout dollars besides Ca. Some of them even had repressive, conservative agenda’s. Besides, if Ca. goes down the tubes and asked to be bailed out, they would be no different than our illustrious banking system.

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  3. badger777 says:

    Good reality check, well done.

    Kind of hoping I can live off my gold, crops, and trout pond…

  4. Jack says:

    For the most part, you are indeed CORRECT!!!

    But, I have a couple of comments/corrections.

    First, “money.” You describe our next financial situation as a second “Great Depression.” Whereas, what we are more likely to experience, is the “Great Hyperinflation.” Thus, instead of not having any money, we will instead have TOO MUCH (worthless) money.

    You are CORRECT to call it “money,” however. I say this, because our currencies are no longer coins, or cash. Instead, “money” is now 1s and 0s in our credit/debit cards, in our bank accounts, etc. It’s not even PAPER-based anymore. So, when the government starts putting more “money” into circulation, what they are REALLY doing, is just adding more 1s & 0s to electronic accounts. (It’s now WAY too easy for our government to put more money into circulation, and to hyperinflate our money.) They can literally do it at the push of a couple of buttons (even write a programmed script to do it automatically if necessary.)

    So, instead of only having 100 bucks or so in our wallets, we will instead have 10,000 bucks in our wallets. (e.g. too MUCH money.) Instead of having a couple-thousand worthwhile bucks in our bank accounts, we will have hundreds of thousands of WORTHLESS bucks in our accounts.

    Second, this hyperinflation situation, will therefore change what you say about leisure. Again, I agree with you that leisure will be somewhat different. But, it won’t be due to a lack of money. Instead, it will be due to a lack of VALUE of money. The cost of leisure will skyrocket as currencies hyperinflate. We will be making 100X what we earn today. But, people won’t want to work HARD, and be paid with workless paper. People will begin working for THEMSELVES and their SURVIVAL. e.g. people will be doing more self-gardening, and working “around the house” — for themselves, and the survival of their families. It won’t be cost-effective to work for others. And, WORK it will be!!! LOTS of work!!! Thus, no time for leisure anymore. As you said, we will work sunrise to sunset — to SURVIVE!

    Again, I agree with most of your endpoints. I simply differ on how we will get there.