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  • 23.06.2019
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Bawdy comic strip

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Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip

I didn't get into Look-in myself. Looking back, it's clear to me that their graphics department had an unlimited budget -- just about every fancy Letraset typeface in the catalog found its way into Strip clubs sf for one feature or another, and Letraset sheets were Not Cheap. It was really great seeing all this - I never knew Look-in in the seventies, just in the 80s bawdy comic strip I was growing up, but those bawdy comic strip of the Timeslip folk on the Crystal Palace monsters are priceless! I may have even preferred Look-in to Countdown, but they were good bawdy comic strip pieces. Like you, Lew, I baled out when the pop stars became dominant but I did appreciate the odd colour pic of Ayshea Brough!
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Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip
Bawdy comic strip

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