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Brown striped kitten

"Please be quiet"

Brown striped kitten
Brown striped kitten
Brown striped kitten

This cat guide is here to help people identify the cat they have found and for the owner to list the correct type of cat on their lost poster. Just yesterday someone posted a notice for a lost calico brown striped kitten and later sent in the photo which was for sure a grey tabby cat. Calico Cats — are A Calico cat has 3 colors that are in distinctive patches throughout the body often with lots of white with splotches of orange and black. Tortoiseshell cats have brindle coats with patches of red, brown or black, chocolate, cream, or cinnamon. Their owners content they have quite a bit of a sassy personality they brown striped kitten to call Tortitude.
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Brown striped kitten
Brown striped kitten
Brown striped kitten
Brown striped kitten

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